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Strategy for American Leadership in Advanced Manufacturing

| Advanced Manufacturing
Today, the White House released the quadrennial Strategy for American Leadership in Advanced Manufacturing, which describes how Federal agencies, state and local government, the full spectrum of educational institutions, large and small private industry, large and small investors and, most importantly, our citizenry can achieve a national vision of U.S. Global Leadership in Advanced Manufacturing Across Industrial Sectors to Ensure National Security and Economic Prosperity.
To achieve this vision, the strategy proposes three goals: 
1) Develop and Transition New Manufacturing Technologies
2) Educate, Train, and Connect the Manufacturing Workforce
3) Expand the Capabilities of the Domestic Manufacturing Supply Chain
The strategy focuses on the development of new technology and the training of the future workforce.  It describes the administration’s strong emphasis on economic development and national security. 
The strategic plan was developed by the National Science and Technology Council, Subcommittee on Advanced Manufacturing,  which was co-chaired by the U.S. Department of Commerce/NIST and staffed by NIST, with representatives from 17 different Federal agencies and offices with interests in advanced manufacturing technologies, international trade, and workforce development.   The team conducted extensive outreach via a White House Request for Information along with 11 roundtables across the nation, gaining significant input from industry, manufacturing associations, technical associations, and the public.