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A Proclamation on National Manufacturing Day, 2023

| Manufacturing USA

On National Manufacturing Day, we celebrate American workers — the best workers in the world, who are leading a new manufacturing boom in our Nation — and we pledge to keep investing in them to make sure the future is Made in America.

Manufacturing is the backbone of our economy, but for the past few decades, we have not always treated it that way.  We were told that trickle-down economics was the only way forward ‑- cutting taxes for the wealthy and big corporations; slashing public investment in priorities like education, infrastructure, and health care; and letting American manufacturing jobs be shipped overseas.  As a result, economic inequality only grew.  And with every manufacturing town that was hollowed out, communities lost not just jobs but also pride and self-worth.

I ran for President to change that — to grow our economy from the middle out and bottom up, not the top down, moving from trickle-down economics to what some in the press are calling “Bidenomics.”  Our plan is working.  We have seen over 13 million new jobs created, including 800,000 manufacturing jobs.  Unemployment has been below 4 percent for the longest stretch in over 50 years.  And our inflation rate is among the lowest across the world’s major economies.  It is simple:  Bidenomics means we are growing our economy by strengthening the middle class and making things in America again.